Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tastee Treat Organic Cotton Infant Creeper from

Tastee Treat Organic Cotton Infant Creeper from

The idea behind my Smart Thinking Designs store at is to make my artwork affordable and accessible to more people. Those who can't budget for artwork may be able to afford my art as a baby gift, postcard art, something they can wear themselves, etc. So, as part of my plan to show some of my products along with my gallery art, I have started to order samples.

Yesterday the UPS guy brought me:

Offtrail and Blue Top postcards. I was very happy with the quality of paper and vivid color reproduction. Yes!

The organic cotton infant onesie with Tastee Treat art. It has an adorable vintage feel and more of a cream color to the cotton material than depicted in the online image.

A woman's tank top with Transforming Wigs art. The cotton is very soft with a substantial feel to it. The artwork is screenprinted and has a softer look to it than the vivid look and plastic feel of color transfer.

Have you ordered anything from Smart Thinking Designs? I'd love to hear what you think.


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