Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The story behind Vida the Joyful Dog

Last week I had the closing shift at my coffee shop job. Tired, shopping for dinner at 7:30 pm, I called my daughter and asked her what she wanted for dinner. She surprised me by saying a friend had dropped off a pan of lasagna for us. What?! Great! Turn on the oven and pop it in for dinner tonight I tell her. Now I am happy and relieved and heading home after another twenty minutes of shopping. I walk in the back door, and announce I am home. Nobody hears me but my joyful dog. My daughter is two rooms away from the kitchen, doing homework on my computer. My son has earplugs in and can't hear a thing while he does his homework. The empty lasagna pan is upside down on the floor, with my satisfied dog dancing around it.

Instead of putting the lasagna in the oven, my daughter put it on the back of the stove while the oven preheated. She didn't know that Vida, our joyful dog, could jump as high as she can. Nobody but Vida tastes the homemade lasagna gift. Uncertain what to tell my friend, I decide to make an artful card out of the situation. My friend and her husband liked the card, and she brought me another pan of lasagna. You can now benefit from my ordeal by ordering one of these artful cards for yourself at zazzle.com/sharizimm.

Vida the joyful dog